London pregnancy photography in St James’s Park

London pregnancy photography in St James’s Park

Not much more than a year on from shooting their wedding, I found myself in St James’s Park photographing Simon and Shellie again and this time there was not a wellie in sight!  We had decided to do their London pregnancy photography session in St James’s Park and the edges of the park and Horseguards Parade were a great place to start our session but we quickly decided to find somewhere a bit more quiet. Central London is full of contrasts and in the space of five minutes you can go from somewhere with clean modern lines to feeling lost in nature in the middle of a lush city park.  We found a great spot behind a glass sculpture to start, which despite being in a really busy part of the city, felt strangely very private and I love the images we captured there with the sun pouring in from behind the wall of glass.  It was one of those London days when the light changed every five minutes giving such a different feel to the images depending on whether we had clouds giving us soft diffuse light or strong sun warming us up!  Daffodils and daisys sprinkled the park and the trees were bursting into leaf, providing the perfect setting for the rest of our relaxing late afternoon shoot.

Morning sickness be dammed (or rather morning, afternoon and evening sickness in this case) and Shellie made me feel like I need to get back in my swimming groove as she was regularly putting in 1.5k at her local pool, which was why at the end of our session she was still full of energy.   I love when my couples bring ideas to our sessions and Shellie and Simon were a delight to photograph as they embraced celebrating their impending parenthood with such obvious pleasure.  We had almost finished our London pregnancy photography session when a final burst of sun brought out Shellie’s rainbow umbrella – the perfect end to our portrait session in St James’s Park.

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